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  • Our three-year-old Oliver Blue v. Kannan Jr is up for auction this weekend in the YouHorse Auction. This gelding scores highly on his model and movements, has a lot of blood and jumps with good manners.

    Oliver Blue has a very interesting dam line, through dam Kylana Blue he inherits 1.60m Grand Prix genes from Zirocco Blue VDL and Caretino. Granddam Tylana has so far produced two 1.30m show jumpers and is herself a full sister of the 1.50m showjumping stallion Casino Royal Blue.

    His sire Kannan Jr. was the champion of the KWPN Stallion Selection and impresses in the KWPN Stallion Competition under Wolfgang Zimmermann (GER). The seven-year-old son of top progenitor Cornet Obolensky comes from the Kannan line.

    The auction will run from February 5-8.

  • Jewel (Kannan x Caretino x Leonid x Lantaan), a beautiful dark brown mare, bred by Stoeterij Vissers, received the predicate Prämienstute from the Hannoveran Verband.

    The in 2014 born Kannan daughter descents of the mare Tres Bien. One of the strong parts of Jewel her pedigree is definitely her grand dam Gera VII (by Leonid). No less than two of her four offspring jump internationally at 1.60m-level. Catwalk(by Caretino) who was born in ’97, was successful at 1.60m-level under Christian Ahlmann (GER).

    Holstein bloodline 18B1 has a splendid reputation of strong dam-lines for a reason. Cordelia, the granddam of Tres Bien, produced the stallion t Quality(by Quinar) that was approved by no less than four studbooks and jumped at 1.50m-level.

    Sire Kannan (by Voltaire) has the number 1 position in the WBFSH Show Jumping Sire Ranking. His pedigree is a concatenation of Dutch top sires; Voltaire, Nimmerdorand Le Mexico.

  • A number of beautiful foals were born at Stoeterij Vissers this year. They descend from Kannan, Ogano Sitte, Numero Uno and Negro. There are two more foals on their way by Hardrock Z and Cornet Obolensky.

    Nadim Sitte (Ogano Sitte x Caretino)

    The colt Nadim Sitte is one of these foals. His dam is the elegant mare Tylana. Dam’s sire Caretino is best known for his offspring after a successful international sport career under Ludger Beerbaum. On the WBFSH ranking of 2014, he is placed 18th in the list of stallions in the jumping discipline. Some of his most prominent offspring are Ballerina (Markus Merschformann), Casall la Silla (Rolf Göran Bengtsson) and, surprisingly, the dressage stallion Cheenook.

    Never Mind (Kannan x Caretino)

    The sire of filly Never Mind, out of the mare Tres Bien, is the widely praised jumping stallion Kannan, who has many offspring who are very successful at international level. Examples include the Olympic Champion and World Cup winner Nino des Buissonnets, Grand Prix winner Molly Malone and World Cup winner Quorida de Treho.

    Nylah (Negro x Johnson)

    Daughter of Holly is the elegant foal Nylah. She comes from the preferent sire Negro, who in 2017 won the KWPN title ‘Stallion of the Year’. Nearly half of his offspring are registered as sport horses, some of whom have now taken part at the highest international level. His best known offspring is of course Valegro, who has achieved excellent results under Charlotte Dujardin and is known as one of the best dressage horses in history.

    Nathan (Numero Uno x Canturo)

    Nathan, a colt by the widely praised stallion Numero Uno, comes from the Canturo-mare A-Katinka. Canturo has had a successful sports career under the Brazilian Bernardo Alves. They came into action during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the World Championships in Aachen 2006 and won the Prize of Europe at CHIO Aachen and were second in the Grand Prix of CHIO Rotterdam. Canturo already gave a few approved sons, including Canturano and Crespo VDL.

  • Two young sport horses from Stoeterij Vissers went into training at stud station Van Bommel. The 2,5 year old Hovella (Quiran x Askari) and Kylana Blue (Zirocco Blue VDL x Caretino) will be trained at the stable of Claartje Ruis and Theo Alders for the Holsteiner mare selection, which will take place this year in June.

    Both mares show a lot of talent for sports. Hovella descends from the stallion Quiran, who is currently under the saddle of the Swedish rider Ebba Johansson (1.35m level) and the German rider Maximilian Gräfe (1.40m level). The mare Kylana Blue descends from the well-known Zirocco Blue VDL. Under Jur Vrieling this impressive stallion has already set a phenomenal series of performances. The mare certainly does not have her talent from a stranger.

    Keep an eye on the website of Stoeterij Vissers for the results of the Holsteiner presentation!

    Quiran x Askari

  • In 2018 a number of Stoeterij Vissers foals are expected! This year a total of six mares are in foal.

    The Glock’s Johnson offspring, Holly, is this year in foal by the beautiful black stallion Negro. The elegant mare descends from one of the biggest dressage horses at the moment. Combine this with the genes of Negro and it is almost certain that this year a top dressage foal will be born in the stables of Stoeterij Vissers.

    Numero Uno
    Our breeding mare A-Katinka has already given birth to the beautiful Hatinka (by Numero Uno) in 2012. This year she again is in foal by this impressive stallion. A-Katinka descends from Canturo, who was very successful in show jumping under Bernando Alves. They came into action during the Athens Olympics in 2004 and the World Championships in Aachen in 2006. Canturo has produced several approved stallions, including Canturano and Crespo VDL. Numero Uno is one of the leading stallions in breeding. His offspring includes an unprecedented number of 1.60m Grand Prix winners and also a number of Olympic horses. Some examples are Van Gogh, Tamino and Tyson.

    Organo Sitte
    In 2018, Tylana will give birth to an Ogano Sitte foal. She has already given birth to several foals at Stoeterij Vissers. Broodmare Tylana descends from Caretino. This stallion is best known for his offspring in addition to his successful international sport career under Ludger Beerbaum. Some of his top offspring are Ballerina and Casall la Silla. Ogano Sitte already produced many international jumping horses. He himself was also successful in sports and achieved many successes at Grand Prix level under Dominique Hendrix.

    Broodmare Tres Bien is in foal by Kannan. She has an excellent pedigree. One of the strengths of her pedigree is, among others, her mother Gera VII (by Leonid). No less than two of her four offspring jump internationally at 1.60m level. For example, Catwalk (by Caretino) born in 1997 was brought out at 1.60m level by Christian Ahlmann (GER). The stallion Kannan does not need any further explanation; he is very well-known in the show jumping and breeding world.

    Cornet Obolensky
    Affection is expecting a foal from Cornet Obolensky. She already has descendants from Cartani, Special Memories, Ustinov, Comme Il Faut, Van Gogh, E Star, Kannan and last year she also gave birth to a foal by Cornet Obolensky. The broodmare itself descends from the stallion Argentinus. Argentinus already has over 30 approved sons. Some high-level offspring are Arko III (under Nick Skelton) and Autogramm (under Thomas Mühlbauer). Cornet Obolensky is one of the most successful stallions in history. In total, 21 of his oldest offspring achieved the highest level of show jumping. He is a phenomenon in show jumping.

    Hardrock Z
    The chic Izafee is only five years old, but shows a lot of talent for the sport. That is no suprise with her sire Berlin; one of the best-known sires in jumping. His offspring Zerlin jumped under Jos Lansink to victory in the Grand Prix of Mechelen. Izafee is expecting her first foal from the stallion Hardrock Z. Hardrock Z comes from the best Zangersheide line. He is a direct descendant of Hearbreaker. His father is the well-known Nimmerdor. In short: a line with many international sport horses and sires of great format.

    If you are interested in our breeding, call Wim Vissers: +31 (0)6 – 2925 8745

    Stoeterij Vissers verwacht dit jaar zes veulens.

  • In total, four breeding mares, of which two are in foal, one foal and one youngster of Stoeterij Vissers were sold to Stal Krol. They will continue the mares for breeding.

    We wish them lots of luck with the mares Clarima (Clarimo x Concerto II), Pandora (Conorado x Roman), Areedom VDL (Chin Chin x Baloubet du Rouet) and Tiffany XIII (Lancer II x Cassini I).

    He also bought the colt Massimo (Chaccato x Clarimo) and the youngster mare Luca Quasi (Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Coronado).



    Areedom VDL

    Tiffany XIII

  • Jambalya (Zirocco Blue VDL x Caretino x Carolus I x Cor de La Bryere), the runner-up champion of the Central Selection this year, has been sold to the German equestrian Stefan Ratajczak from Leipzig. Ratajczak has his own sports stable; SR Sportpferde. They stand for ‘quality and extravagance’, and Jambalya is just the horse you need when looking for those qualities.

    The three-year-old mare has an impressive pedigree. With a sire like Zirocco Blue VDL and dam’s sire Caretino, she has the right jumping genes. Both stallions have acted at the highest level of sport, and are also known for their good inheritance.

    Earlier this year Jambalya, co-owned with Stal Krol from Handel, received 80 points for both exterior and jumping, with which she was declared ster. She is now pursuing a successful breeding and jumping career with her new owner Rajaczak in Leipzig.

  • During the Central Mare Inspection in the Noord Brabant place De Mortel, our mare Jambalya (Zirocco Blue x Caretino) became a reserve champion! With this amazing score the mare is selected to participate in the NMK.

    At the end of last month, Jambalya, co-owned with Stal Krol, received a top score: 80 points for both exterior and jumping! With this she was declared a star. We look forward to the National Mare Inspection, in which we will take part with great confidence.

    Photocredit: Jacky van Tartwijk | De Paardenkrant

  • On August 26th, the annual foal auction E.S.I. takes place in the German city Lastrup. This year two foals of Stoeterij Vissers will be auctioned in the prestigious auction, just like last year. In 2016, Lennox (by Kannan) and Levi’s Miller (by Quasimodo van de Molendreef) both went under the hammer for beautiful amounts. This edition it is the turn of Maduro (Falaise de Muze x Chin Chin) and Mitaga (Armitage x Coronado).

    Falaise de Muze descendant
    We have great faith in the talent of both foals. The sire of the stallion Maduro, Falaise de Muze, has already put down great results in international sports. He was a five-year-old finalist at the World Cup in Lanaken and scored good results under Annelies Vorsselmans up to 1.50m level. Grandfather of Maduro’s sire Nabab de Rêve and dam’s sire Chin Chin are among the best breeders of their generations.

    Mother Areedom VDL (Chin Chin x Baloubet du Rouet) comes from Holstein lineage No. 4294, which also produced the stallions Cormint, Cathalido, Larimar and Losander. Grandfather on dam’s side is the stallion Baloubet de Rouet. One of his greatest achievements is winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens, under rider Rodrigo Pessoa.

    Filly foal by Armitage
    Armitage, the father of Mitage, has a beautiful technique and incredible power. He won first place in the Youngster Tour final in Munich in 2006. He has been approved by several studbooks and already has many descendants performing at top level.

    Dam Pandora (Coronado x Roman) her best-known descendant is the Holsteiner champion of the four-year-olds in 2012 and approved Zangersheide stallion Cascor (by Casall). Dam’s sire Coronado is a talented son of Corrado I.

    Date E.S.I. auction
    We are looking forward to the E.S.I. Auction on August 25th 2017 in Lastrup and we will keep you informed.

    Website E.S.I. veiling

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